Blankets are versatile props. They can be folded or rolled in a number of ways to provide different types of support. They can also be used instead of, or in addition to, a y mat for cushioning.

Blankets are generally a little longer than a standard mat and twice as wide. They come in a variety of color and fibers. For ease of use they are folded first along their length, then twice more to reduce the length. This is frequently referred to as “head stand / shoulder stand” size.

To replace a block for seated poses: 2 or 3 blankets can be folded in half, from head stand/shoulder stand size, and stacked.

To replace a bolster: 2 or 3 blankets can be folded in half or 2 blankets can be rolled together.

Blankets can be partially rolled, folded, or unfolded to customize props. If a flat block isn’t enough height but a ¾ block is too high, a blanket might be used with the flat block to get an intermediate height.


Keep in mind: a rolled blanket is not the same as a folded blanket and a carelessly rolled or folded blanket does not offer the same support as a carefully rolled or folded blanket.