Though she was created using a real person as a reference, Jane is an animation. She is truly bilaterally symmetrical. Her right leg is exactly the same length as her left. There is no difference in size between her right and left feet or her right and left hands. Her right shoulder works exactly the same as her left.

Real people sometimes get hurt. When we hurt, we tend to avoid using the injured foot, leg, or arm throwing our movements off-center. Continued over years, this leads to imbalances we may no longer notice but affect everything we do. Jane can show some of these habits

This is how Jane looks in the animation program.

Jane Jane's Skeleton






















I use Jane because she isn’t harmed by doing asanas incorrectly. She can hold an asana as long as necessary to illustrate a point. She doesn’t complain and she doesn’t get sick. There are some things Jane can’t do as well as a real person and, occasionally, she exhibits her limits in spectacular fashion.
Backbend problem loose joints